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PolyMon in the News!

Thank you to the community for continuing to support PolyMonRT and PolyMon!!


PolyMonRT is a real-time monitoring system that allows users to create custom dashboards.
PolyMonRT does not persist monitoring data to a database and therefore does not require a back-end database to function.
If you are looking for a monitoring system that can store monitoring data, analyze historical data and provide alerts based on flexible rules, please see PolyMon.


  • (10/21/2008) If you are interested in some of the controls I am using for PolyMonRT please see my other project PolyMon Controls.
  • (9/29/2008) New release of PolyMonRT 0.9.2. Adds PowerShell and Ping monitors. Adds two gauge styles: Status light and Cylinder.
  • (8/27/2008) New release of PolyMonRT 0.9.1. Adds a linear gauge style and a SQL monitor (MS SQL Server).


Additional screenshots: Screenshots

  • Easily customizable dashboards (drag and drop)
  • Color coded threshold values
  • Polling Intervals fully customizable at individual monitor level
  • Fully customizable polling retention time periods at individual monitor level with Min/Max/Avg counters
  • Ability to run monitors under a different user than currently logged in user
  • Save dashboard definitions to plain text xml files
  • Current monitors include:
    • PerfMon
    • Ping
    • PowerShell (custom PowerShell scripts)
    • SQL (custom Stored Procedures)
  • Monitors can be displayed in a variety of formats:
    • Trace Chart
    • Dial Gauge
    • Linear Gauge (LED style)
    • Cylinder Gauge
    • Status Light

  • Microsoft .NET 3.5
  • WinXP or Vista supported
  • PowerShell

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