Ping Monitor


I created a Ping monitor using the default settings and the "Status Light (Single)" gauge. I started the monitor and the gauge turned green as expected. I then saved the dashboard. Now, without turning off the ping monitor I closed the dashboard then reopened it. When it opened, the ping monitor gauge is already in the Start mode, there is a -1.00 in the bottom left window of the gauge and the gauge is black. When I click on Monitor Options button and look at the Monitor Stats at the bottom of that menu the "Elapsed" and the "# Samples" have values that are changing but the Min, Max and Avg readings are all -1.00.
From here the first thing I do to try and start the gauge is to toggle the Start/Stop button at the top left of the monitor but nothing happens, gauge is still black and reading
-1.00, then I click on the Monitor Options, select Properties and click Ok. The gauge then turns green and starts working.
So far this is the only monitor that does not start automatically when I reopen the dashboard. Do I have something setup wrong?
Closed Apr 1, 2009 at 10:59 AM by fbaptiste
Closing - Duplicate issue.